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FCA Booster Club Needs You!

Please join us in ministry as we reach student athletes and coaches with the gospel of Jesus Christ and help us meet our goal of adding 300 members to the FCA Booster Club by July 1st

We have a vision to add several staff people to keep up with the many ministry opportunities God is giving us to serve.Your gift will add the needed monthly funds to sustain this impactful ministry and help us reach that goal. 

Your $25 per month donation will have a major role in stabilizing this ministry with the consistent monthly support we need. For that investment, you will receive a very brief monthly update by email from our staff highlighting what God is doing through FCA in this area. Additionally, we will send a t-shirt and FCA bumper sticker as a thank you and to show you are a vital part of our FCA team!

If you would like to order more than 1 T-Shirt, please contact Eddie Miller at (336)337-9594 or


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